Joe Hathaway is endorsed by the slate of Forstenhausler, Potter, Nisivoccia, and Elbaum. Team of five offers proven results and new perspectives for Randolph Township

The team of Mark Forstenhausler, Marie Potter, Lou Nisivoccia and Helene Elbaum are endorsing Joe Hathaway, a current councilmember who was appointed to fill a vacated council seat in May. The five candidates will be on the ballot November 8th for the available Randolph Township Council seats. Forstenhausler, Potter, Nisivoccia, and Elbaum are each seeking a four-year term. Hathaway is running to serve the two-year remainder of former councilmember Lance Tkacs’s term.

The five-person team includes experienced incumbents along with first-time candidates Elbaum and Hathaway. The combination of proven results and new energy makes this team poised to build on the success of excellent municipal services with no municipal tax rate increases in the last six years.

Mark Forstenhausler has been serving the people of Randolph since 2014 as a councilmember. Two of those years he served as Mayor. “I know the importance of having experienced professionals on this council,” said Forstenhausler. He provides a strong endorsement of Hathaway: “Joe’s many years in both government and the private sector bring the right mix of skills and experience to serve our community well.”

Marie Potter has served as a councilmember for the past four years and is currently serving as Randolph Township’s mayor for 2022. She is looking forward to the business expertise Hathaway brings to the ticket. “I’m impressed by Joe’s track record of balancing budgets and his commitment to sound financial management.”

Lou Nisivoccia is currently serving as the deputy mayor of Randolph Township, and welcomes the new energy Hathaway brings to Randolph. “The high quality of life we all experience as residents of Randolph is due in large part to the effective, well-managed government we’ve had over the past two decades. It’s important to preserve our quality of life for the next generation, and no one is more invested in Randolph’s future than a young dad like Joe.”

Helene Elbaum completes the slate of four candidates seeking a four-year term. She is currently the Vice Chair of the Economic Development Committee and also serves as a Planning Board Commissioner. “Seeking my first term as a councilmember in Randolph, it’s important to me to bring new perspectives to improve our community. Joe has already brought a fresh perspective and innovative thinking to his role on the council, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve alongside him in the future.”

Joe Hathaway affirmed, “I am grateful to serve on our township council. I represent a growing demographic of younger residents who chose Randolph to plant their roots, raise their families, and build their future. I am passionate about serving my community. I will work hard to make sure that Randolph continues to be a great place to live, work, and play for young families like mine and for all our residents for years to come. I thank the team of Forstenhausler, Potter, Nisivoccia and Elbaum for their endorsement.”

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